Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Manningham Council to cease in-home aged care

Manningham Council has announced it will cease to provide local in-home aged care services from 1 November. 

In a statement, Council said the “difficult decision” had been made in response to Federal Government changes to Australia’s in-home aged care system.

“There are no immediate changes to Council’s in-home aged care services, including domestic help, personal care, respite care, Meals on Wheels and social support. Council will continue to provide these services until at least 31 October 2023,” it said.

The Australian Government currently funds Council’s in-home aged care services under a contract arrangement. The changes mean Manningham would no longer be offered this contract, the Council said.

“To be eligible, Manningham would need to develop a competitive business that works across a larger geographic region and offers a more comprehensive range of services (e.g., allied health, in-home palliative care and physiotherapy) than is currently provided.”

“Unfortunately, this new model is beyond our scope and capability,” said Mayor, Deirdre Diamante.

“Council has considered this issue very carefully and thoughtfully. We want to do what is best for our community in the long term.

“We are not ‘outsourcing’ our in-home aged care services – the contract model is changing, and we have to respond to it.”

Mayor Diamante moved to reassure local residents that the Federal Government will ensure older clients still receive the services they need. 

“The Commonwealth Government will appoint new providers for Manningham who will offer a broader range of services at a similar cost. These providers will meet criteria set by the Government, including quality standards and accreditation,” she said.

“Importantly, our clients will not need to be reassessed by MyAgedCare– they will remain eligible for all services they receive now. We will support existing clients to connect to these new providers and make the transition as smooth as possible. There will be dedicated Council staff to help our clients with this transition.”

The Mayor said Council continued to be committed to the safety and wellbeing of its older residents. 

“We will continue to offer other services that support healthy and positive ageing, like community transport and other ways to keep people connected.”

“Council would also continue to take an active role in ensuring our community receives high-quality aged care services and will strongly advocate for the needs of vulnerable community members.” 

The Mayor also expressed her deep gratitude to Council’s Aged Care team.

“Many members of this team have put in decades of incredible service to our older adults in Manningham. It’s important to stress that this decision is in no way a reflection on the high-quality work they do.” 

“During recent meetings with our community, we have been told time and time again how much they value the outstanding service given to them by our staff over many years. We acknowledge that many deep connections have been made between our team and the clients they have cared for over many years.

“We know that the change may be difficult. We have provided staff with in-person information sessions, regular updates and access to our Employee Assistance Program for personal support.” 

“We will also offer a range of other support for our staff, including financial information, education options and pathways for new employment, including other opportunities at Council.”

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