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Make privacy a priority this week

Privacy Awareness Week, being marked across Australia from today until 9 May, is an important reminder for organisations and individuals to protect personal information.

This year, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) is calling on the Australian community to ‘Make privacy a priority’ in their professional and personal lives.

“We know that privacy is a major concern for most Australians, but our research also shows that half are unsure how to protect their personal information,” said Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner, Angelene Falk.

“For Privacy Awareness Week this year, our focus is on sharing helpful and effective tips to help everyone create good privacy practices, at home and at work.

“We are highlighting what we all can and must do to prioritise privacy and protect personal information now and into the future.”

Now in its 16th year, Privacy Awareness Week is held every May as an initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities.

Commissioner Falk said record support for the event shows privacy has become a leading priority for organisations.

“We’re pleased to see more than 560 organisations are showing their support for Privacy Awareness Week and committing to promoting good privacy practice and advancing the privacy rights of individuals,” she said.

Organisations can sign up to support Privacy Awareness Week at and join in the campaign on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn using the hashtag #PAW2021.

The OAIC has developed new resources for organisations and individuals including:

The OAIC’s 2020 Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey (ACAPS) found:

  • 70% of Australians see the protection of personal information as an important issue and a major concern in their life.
  • 84% think identity theft and fraud, and data security and breaches, are the biggest privacy risks.
  • Most Australians have a clear understanding of why they should protect their personal information (85% agree), but half (49%) say they don’t know how.
  • 84% feel privacy of information and data is important when choosing a digital service.
  • 87% want more control and choice over the collection and use of their personal information.

For more information about Privacy Awareness Week, including events, privacy resources and downloadable digital assets, visit

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