Saturday, May 25, 2024

Logan Deputy Mayor re-elected

Logan City Council’s Deputy Mayor, Jon Raven, has been unanimously re-elected to continue in the position.

Cr Raven, who also chairs the Planning, Economic Development and Environment Committee, said he was honoured to continue serving as deputy to Mayor Darren Power and his fellow Councillors. 

“It’s been one very busy year and a year in which we’ve learned a lot together,” Cr Raven said. 

“We’re all in a new Council and it’s a new environment that many of us aren’t used to but it’s one where we work together and we support each other and have each other’s backs. 

“I look forward to another year of working hard for you.” 

A vote by fellow Councillors was necessary at the April Ordinary Council meeting due to the expiry of his one-year term as Deputy Mayor.

The one-year appointment was made by the then new Council last year and in accordance with direction from the Local Government Act. 

The meeting also ratified a move which will see Councillor Mindy Russell become the Deputy Chair of the Planning, Economic Development and Environment Committee. 

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