Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Local business to clean up flood contracts

The NSW Government says it will give first preference to local small and medium-sized
businesses in flood-affected areas when awarding contracts for the repair, remediation
or provision of goods and services for Government-owned sites impacted by flooding.

The direction, issued by Minister for Finance, Damien Tudehope, was first issued in
response to the February-March flood event and has now been extended to cover the
June-July flood event.

“The extension of the direction will go a long way in helping local businesses and
communities recover financially,” Mr Tudehope said.

“Whether it’s a local courthouse, school or bridge, there will be many opportunities for
small and medium businesses to assist in the repair and rebuilding work at
Government-owned sites in their communities.”

“Small businesses make up more than 97.5% of businesses in NSW and the
direction is the NSW Government’s way of supporting those local businesses which
are the backbone of their community and the NSW economy,” he said.

Minister for Emergency Services and Resilience and Minister for Flood Recovery,
Steph Cooke said there was a significant amount of clean-up and rebuilding work to be
done over the coming months.

“By supporting local companies with flood repair and rebuilding contracts, we are in
turn keeping local people in local jobs,” Ms Cooke said.

“This emphasises the importance of small and medium-sized businesses to the NSW
Government and sets an example for the private sector and insurance companies to
consider copying.”

One local business to benefit from this directive is R&C Civil Group, which has been
contracted for flood recovery work in Conjola and Murramurang National Park. R&C
Civil Group had previously completed major bushfire clean-up work in the region.

R&C Civil Group’s Managing Director, Robert Dennis, said mainstream projects provide employment for local Aboriginal people and ensures more of the Government’s investment in local recovery projects stays in the area.

NSW Government agencies are responsible for identifying local small and medium-
sized businesses who can do the required work.

Businesses are encouraged to increase their visibility for NSW Government
procurement opportunities by registering on the Supplier Hub at

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