Monday, May 27, 2024

Livingstone council says hands off our suburbs

Livingstone Shire Council is urging local residents to vote ‘no’ to a proposed northern suburbs boundary change that would see three suburbs come under Rockhampton Regional Council control.

“Do you want to pay an extra $161 to $250 on your rates each year? Then VOTE NO to the proposed northern suburbs boundary change!” the Council said in a statement this week.

Livingstone Shire Councillors and Mayor, Andy Ireland, say they are leading the fight to retain the suburbs of Glenlee, Glendale and Rockyview within the shire.

Council officially launched a ‘Leave Livingstone Alone’ campaign outside of Rockhampton Regional Council’s City Hall on Monday.

“This boundary change will have diabolical financial impacts to Livingstone Shire,” said Mayor Ireland.

“The State Government’s own financial analysis tells us Livingstone ratepayers will be $161 to $250 worse off each year, if the move is given the green light.

“Historically, the northern suburbs have always been a part of Livingstone Shire Council, except for the period of amalgamation, and don’t belong to Rockhampton.”

The Mayor described the proposition as a “total and utter land grab” that he said would have “dire consequences” for the community.

“The Rockhampton Mayor is saying a boundary change is better and fairer for all. It’s not. It only advantages Rockhampton. It’s certainly not fairer for our people who are going to experience the financial impost of any change that happens,” he said.

“You don’t take what rightly belongs to your neighbour to ensure that you prosper. And where does it end? Which suburbs of ours will Rockhampton target next? I’m extremely concerned about the precedent this will set if the boundary change goes ahead.

“There must be a boundary somewhere. Residents live, work and play across multiple local government boundaries across Australia.

“You don’t see Brisbane City Council trying to poach suburbs from Logan because their residents might work in Brisbane.

“Council values all areas of the shire equally and we will have a stronger economic future together.”

From June 13, the Electoral Commission Queensland will post a survey to enrolled voters asking if they support the boundary change.

“We are strongly urging everyone in the community to vote no and send the message to leave Livingstone alone!” the Mayor said.

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