Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Liverpool joins NSW 24hr economy think tank

Liverpool City Council has joined the NSW Government’s 24-hour Economy Advisory Group, which will look at how Sydney can rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic to support a vibrant, safe, and diverse 24-hour economy.

Mayor of Liverpool, Wendy Waller said she was looking forward to joining forces with peak industry associations, councils, cultural and sports institutions and businesses on the initiative.

“This coordinated effort is very much in line with our City Activation Strategy, and aims to ensure the community reaps the benefits of the unprecedented period of growth in the region by encouraging a thriving economy,” Mayor Waller said.

“I am pleased that our community will have the opportunity to put forward ideas and feedback based on views and experiences while working together towards a shared vision.

“We want to encourage collaboration with businesses, government agencies, building owners and residents to make the Liverpool city centre a place where people enjoy spending time and businesses thrive.

“Liverpool is Sydney’s third CBD and we have a fantastic opportunity to guide the development of a lively city centre with a thriving nightlife.”

The group will work closely with the Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner Michael Rodrigues and other state government stakeholders to support the delivery of the strategy.

The strategy comprises five strategic pillars, each of which address a distinct opportunity area in Greater Sydney’s 24-hour economy:

  • Provide more integrated planning and place-making which will see increased state and local government and industry collaboration to build an environment in which the 24-hour economy can thrive;
  • Encourage the diversification of night-time activities by supporting a wider variety of businesses at night;
  • Support industry and cultural development to help businesses and cultural entrepreneurs’ access and thrive in the 24-hour economy;
  • Explore ways to enhance mobility and improve connectivity between 24-hour hubs through safe and reliable transport;
  • Change the narrative for Sydney to bring locals and outside visitors into Sydney at night, observing and encouraging healthy behaviours.

A copy of the 24-Hour Economy Strategy can be downloaded from

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