Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Lithgow paves way for CBD renewal

Lithgow City Council is seeking community feedback on the second stage of its Main Street Renewal program.

Mayor, Maree Statham said it was an important project which will continue to revitalise Lithgow’s historic CBD creating new opportunities for trade and tourism within the area.

Stage 2 of this project will see the current pavers and kerb replaced between Cook Street and Bridge Street with a new textured concrete surface interspersed with heritage brick banding and bluestone edging.

“The project emphasises pedestrian thoroughfare and walkability,” said Director Infrastructure & Economy, Jonathon Edgecombe.

“Council has heard the community regarding concerns over the poor state of the current pavers.

“A study was performed to evaluate the performance of different surfaces for the Main Street footpath. This study compared bluestone pavers to concrete. The study concluded that concrete outperformed the bluestone pavers in slip resistance and durability.”

The works are part of an ongoing series of projects in Lithgow Council’s Lithgow CBD Revitalisation Action Plan.

The Council has also prepared a list of frequently asked questions about the project which accompany the concept plan. The concept plan is available for the public to review and comment on through the Projects page on the Council’s website: https://ourplaceourfuture.lithgow.com/lithgow-main-st-restoration/

The community feedback period will run until 15 March.

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