Saturday, May 25, 2024

Latrobe City Council moves to avoid future housing shortage

Latrobe City Council says it is taking action to ensure adequate provision of social and affordable housing in appropriate locations across the municipality into the future.

Council recently confirmed that it will commence a staged development of a Latrobe City Social and Affordable Housing Strategy, allocating $100,000 to fund the development of the strategy.

“Housing is a basic human need, and we want to ensure it addresses our community’s expectations,” Latrobe City Council Mayor, Sharon Gibson said.

“Affordability for both purchasers and renters is a growing concern and understanding those factors and solutions to the issues is an important piece of work.

“This strategy is important as it will provide direction on the type, location and design of social and affordable housing that is required to address community needs.”

Mayor Gibson said the State Government’s guaranteed minimum investment of $60 million for the Big Housing Build in Latrobe City was warmly welcomed.

This strategy work will help to ensure that the Big Housing Build delivers quality housing outcomes for the Latrobe City community, she said.

Latrobe City is planning to complete this work by the end of 2021.

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