Monday, April 22, 2024

Kogarah e-scooter trial on track

The first shared e-scooter trial in the Sydney-metro area has successfully reached the one-month milestone, Georges River Council said today.

The Council launched the trial on 10 January, with 60 Beam e-scooters strategically placed in Kogarah’s town centre for users 16 years and above. 

Council’s e-scooter trial Local Working Group, including Transport for NSW, Beam, NSW Police, NSW Health, St George Business Chamber, bus operators and Council staff, recently met to discuss the trial results to date.

The initial stage has proved popular with residents and visitors, with 2,023 rides in the first month, averaging more than one kilometre per ride. Results also showed high parking compliance. Beam have received two requests to relocate e-scooters that were not returned to the correct designated parking areas, showing high rider compliance with the riding rules.

Results also show no accidents and most users are parking the e-scooters correctly. Beam have received two requests to relocate e-scooters that were not returned to the correct designated parking areas.

Mayor, Sam Elmir said he was delighted with the results and management of the trial by the Local Working Group.

“It is fantastic to see our local community and visitors positively embracing micro-mobility in this Kogarah trial,” Mayor Elmir said.

“I have spoken with community members and they have applauded this trial commenting it’s a fun, efficient and more cost-effective way to get around than using a car or ride-share companies.”

The Kogarah trial has seen 1,071 unique e-scooter users, of which 137 were new visitors from outside the local council area.

According to Beam data, popular routes include Jubilee Avenue, Bellevue Street, Kensington Street and Belgrave Street.

Data shows strong support of first-mile/last-mile travel in Kogarah, with approximately 20% of trips taken starting at a train station, and approximately 15% ending at a train station.

Businesses are also embracing the new transport technology, requesting parking stations outside their shops as an added convenience for customers.

Beam are employing their ‘Pedestrian Shield’ technology on the Kogarah e-scooter fleet for greater rider enforcement. The new surface detection technology will detect when e-scooters are used on footpaths, and slow the e-scooter down to a stop.

“Most recently, we saw that the Beam e-scooters were a very popular option for locals travelling to the Charity Shield at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium,” said Mayor Elmir.

“While it’s been a positive experience so far, we want to remind riders it is illegal to ride an e-scooter on footpaths and without a helmet.

“Please make sure you are wearing either the helmet that is provided by Beam with the e-scooter, or your own helmet – at the very least it’ll prevent you being fined, at the most it may just save your life.”

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