Friday, July 19, 2024

Kiama puts Mayoral popularity to the vote

Kiama Council will ask voters at this year’s local government elections in September, whether in future they want a popularly elected Mayor.

Currently, the Council’s Mayor is elected every two years by its nine councillors.

“Our councillors have now resolved to hold a referendum at the local government elections asking people: Do you want to change to the direct (popular) election of the Mayor by the voters of the Kiama Municipality, for a four (4) year term?” the Council said in a statement.

“Voting in referendums is compulsory as is voting in local government elections.”

This question will be on a separate ballot paper and the outcome will be binding on Council.

If approved, the change would come into effect for the local government elections in September 2028. 

The number of councillors would remain at nine with candidates nominating for Mayor and Councillor or just Councillor, the Council stated.

The Council will run an information campaign about the referendum in the lead up to the local government elections. 

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