Friday, February 23, 2024

Jindabyne Dam release halved

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has reduced the volume of a planned environmental water release from Jindabyne Dam scheduled to take place on Friday from 3,705 megalitres to 1,995 megalitres per day.

Given recent wet conditions, the Department says it consulted with a range of stakeholders, including the Snowy Advisory Committee, and found broad support for a revised event with a lower peak.

It said the flow event will have minimal to nil impact to downstream landholders and provide similar environmental benefits.

“The river may still rise as a result of the release and landholders downstream of the Jindabyne Dam are advised to take all necessary precautions with stock, fencing and property in proximity to the river.”

“As the water flows through the system, people should refrain from entering or crossing swollen waterways,” the Department said.

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