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IPWEA launches skills pathway

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) has launched an educational pathway to help deal with a critical shortage of professional skills available to manage infrastructure projects.

In 2021, LGNSW found that 80% of NSW councils were experiencing shortages across key professions including asset management, engineering and planning.

To help relieve the skill shortage pressure, IPWEA is offering an Asset Management Pathway, the first-of-its-kind in Australasia, which also provides participants the opportunity to become internationally recognised by the renowned World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) Global Certification Scheme.

IPWEA CEO, David Jenkins said that providing further education opportunities to asset managers and raising awareness of the profession as a viable career path was crucial to the long-term success of infrastructure projects across Australia and New Zealand.

“When developing these courses, we thoroughly examined industry needs to ensure the pathway added value to those currently working as an asset manager and those considering building their skills in this profession,” Mr Jenkins said.

“It’s critical for the viability and safety of our community assets such as roads, bridges, parks sewage works and other key infrastructure projects, that qualified people are managing these projects throughout their lifespan.

“The rhetoric around infrastructure needs to change – it is people, skills and education which are at the core of infrastructure stimulus package being successful, for now and over the long term.

“The demand for professional asset management skills will be vital for the increasing responsibility of infrastructure projects and financial investments from the public purse.”

The pathway has three levels starting from a foundational understanding through to strategic thinking. With complete autonomy over which level to begin with and no pre-requisites, this course is ideal for industry veterans or those starting out, Mr Jenkins said.

The three levels of the IPWEA Asset Management Pathway of learning include:

1.     Foundations: aims to develop understanding of the key concepts and theories of asset management and fleet management.

2.     Build: focuses on applying knowledge and developing a deeper capability in asset management.

3.     Recognition: consolidates learning and enhances skills with strategic thinking and decision making, leading to an internationally recognised designation.

He said IPWEA Asset Management Pathway participants can leverage their educational achievements combined with five years demonstrated experience, to make an application for the Certified Practitioner in Asset Management (CPAM) designation via the new WPiAM Global Certification Scheme. 

Registration is open now for all levels of the Asset Management Pathway, see below for course dates and to register visit:

Course dates:


Asset Management Foundations – 16 August 2021

Fleet Management Certificate –7 September 2021


Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning – 30 August 2021

Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial Management – 6 September 2021


Integrating Asset Management & Governance – 8 November 2021

Find out more about the pathway here:

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