Friday, June 21, 2024

Hobart rates review to include community input

City of Hobart Council has announced a review of its rates and valuation strategy.

The Council is also seeking nominations for a Community Advisory Group to support its decision making during the strategy review.

Lord Mayor, Anna Reynolds said rates produce 65% of the City of Hobart’s income from 25,041 ratepayers.

Overall local government rates make up just 3.4% of taxes raised by all levels of government and was the only tax levied by local governments, she said.

“Rates is one of the most misunderstood and complex areas of local government, but is of vital importance.”

“They supply the revenue for us to provide the basic services and resources as well as the events and festivals that make Hobart such a great city,” the Lord Mayor said.

She said now was a chance for members of the community to get involved.

“As part of this group, you will have input into the distribution of rates across different types of ratepayer and models for raising funds and capturing growth for delivering future programs and infrastructure.”

“This will enable the city to continue with recycling, waste collection and road maintenance but also the creation and upkeep of playgrounds, parks and the Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre.”

The advisory group will consist of:

• Six City of Hobart ratepaying representatives of all land use types including residential homeowners, commercial property owners and vacant landowners.

• Three Elected Members; and

• An independent chairperson to facilitate the group meetings.

Nominations are also encouraged from various representative organisations such as business and property groups, seniors, environmental groups, community-based groups, tourism providers, charitable and not-for-profit groups, the Lord Mayor said.

The group will be supported by Council staff, who will attend meetings to provide technical input and administrative support, she said.

It is expected that the group will be formed by March and will meet monthly until June 2024 unless extended by Council.

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