Thursday, May 30, 2024

Greater Shepparton to replace trees in line with new energy rules

Greater Shepparton City Council has announced it will remove and replace 33 fast growing street trees under electrical assets in high bushfire rated areas, due to changes in Energy Safe Victoria requirements.

Council’s Director Infrastructure, Gary Randhawa said there was an option to heavily prune the fast growing trees throughout the year, however this would result in loss of amenity and reduce the trees useful life expectancy.

“Heavy pruning would often result in loss of the tree canopy, as the upper branches of the tree would need to be removed to meet clearance requirements,” he said.

“Removing and replacing these trees with more appropriate, slow growing species will provide summer shade and visual appeal to our urban areas, as well as improving safety and eliminating ongoing pruning costs.”

Council representatives have made contact with residents who will be impacted by the removal of trees on their nature strip and will commence removals from Monday 5 September.

Council is obligated to maintain a minimum one and a half meter vegetation clearance around electrical assets in high bushfire rated areas all year round.

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