Thursday, April 25, 2024

Greater Shepparton roll out purple bags

Greater Shepparton City Council will roll out free purple compostable bags to residents this month.

Greater Shepparton City Council Director Infrastructure, Phil Hoare said residents had clearly demonstrated a commitment to improved waste management including sorting and placing waste in the appropriate bin and the use of the purple bags for food scraps.

It has been five years since the initial rollout of the city’s green lid bins and kitchen caddies.

“With this support we have achieved great results with contamination rates continuing to drop for the green lid bin,” said Mr Hoare.

“In the past five years approximately 39,000 tonnes of garden and food waste have been diverted from landfill. Council is proud of this achievement and provides the purple bags to assist residents improve our management of waste.

“This has significantly contributed to the success of composting in our municipality. It has not only saved ratepayers’ money but it also has wonderful benefits for our environment and economy, as the composted material is predominately used on farm land to improve the health of the soil and its productivity and avoids taking up valuable landfill space.”

He said the purple compostable bags met strict Australian standards and were specifically designed to break down in the composting process.

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