Thursday, April 25, 2024

Greater Shepparton community panel now in place

Greater Shepparton’s Community Vision and Council Plan is underway with the newly appointed Community Panel in place.

During the month of March, Council sought community feedback on the future of Greater Shepparton and received nearly 1,600 contributions from the public.

“Thank you to the many community members who submitted their feedback online or came out and spoke with our Councillors and Council staff during the roadshow,” Greater Shepparton Mayor, Kim O’Keeffe said.

A Community Panel of 30 individuals with a wide representation of the community will now consider all the submitted ideas to develop the first ever Community Vision for Greater Shepparton, the Mayor said.

She said development of the Community Vision had started and would reflect the aspirations and ideas for Greater Shepparton and provide direction for the four-year Council Plan.

“Council looks forward to processing the community’s feedback and working with the Community Panel to develop a strategic direction for the region’s future,” Mayor O’Keeffe said.

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