Thursday, May 30, 2024

Greater Shepparton appoints investment coordinator

Greater Shepparton City Council has appointed a dedicated Investment Facilitation Coordinator to support new and local businesses to understand and navigate the Council permit processes.

Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Shane Sali said it was important the region continued to support the expansion of local businesses and streamline processes to attract new businesses to the region.

Mayor Shane Sali.

“We understand that navigating through the various Council departments can be challenging at times and businesses will often need one or more permits before opening their doors,” Mayor Sali said.

“We want to make the process as efficient as we can so our local operators and new businesses can start working as quickly as possible.

“Local businesses are not in it alone and I encourage you, whether you’re starting out or looking to grow your business to reach out to Council and speak with our Investment Facilitation Coordinator.”

He said the newly appointed Investment Facilitation Coordinator, Lisa Kubeil, will sit down with operators and assist with streamlining the application process.

“Whether you’re a new business or a growing business, relocating or renovating, I’ll assist you to navigate your way across various Council departments and help streamline the overall process,” said Ms Kubeil.

“Council’s aim is to reduce the time it takes you to get the doors open, so you can get your business started, that’s where I come in, I will meet up with you, discuss your business goals and help you along your business journey.”

Council has also developed an online assessment form which asks customers what their plans are with the opening or expansion of their business. Once submitted, this information is received by the Investment Facilitation Coordinator who will make contact and provide support as quickly as possible to the customer.

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