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Expo a must-do for government procurement teams


As local governments seek better health outcomes, procurement teams will have a chance to assess the latest services, products and technology at the 2022 ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo.

The critical role of proper cleaning and disinfecting to stop the spread of infection in government and community facilities has become more clearly understood during COVID-19.

With such high stakes, best-practice products and solutions will be on the agenda as the cleaning industry reconnects at the 2022 ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo in Sydney on September 14-15.

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, is hosting the event at the Sydney International Convention Centre, where cleaning contractors, product distributors and local government and healthcare representatives will be among the crowd.

Ben Antecki, Brand Manager, ACCO Brands, says the cleaning industry is eagerly waiting the Expo. He notes that the pandemic transformed the perception of cleaning chemicals
“almost overnight”.

“People were suddenly rushing to get hand sanitisers or disinfectants and there was widespread panic to get certifications for chemicals to prove their efficacy against Covid-19,” he says.

“So, a lot of people’s understanding and knowledge of chemicals has changed.”

After being postponed a number of times because of the pandemic, the Expo is a chance for suppliers to showcase their products before local government procurement teams and

Antecki says ACCO Brands, a supplier of janitorial and cleaning products, is keen to show off its Northfork range of disinfectants and chemicals.

He expects a big focus on environmentally friendly chemicals at the event as organisations seek to make “quick steps towards their sustainability goals”.

Education to the fore

This year’s Expo will feature more than 3000 attendees, 70 exhibitors, in excess of 40 speakers, 16 free-to-attend speaker sessions, plus four other workshops.

The education program promises to be a highlight, with speaker sessions covering a wide range of important topics, including corporate social responsibility; cleaner air in buildings;
social enterprise and sustainability; technology and innovation; aged care cleaning and
hygiene; the risk of working with chemicals; post-pandemic mental health and wellbeing;
the importance of collaboration; coping with change; and delivering successful tenders and quotes.

Education aside, RapidClean Australia and New Zealand general manager, Bruce Lees, says
the Expo is a welcome opportunity to network in person again with cleaning and hygiene industry representatives after COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

“It’s important for people to attend the ISSA show as the best manufacturers and distributors in the cleaning industry will be exhibiting new and innovative products,” Lees

“It’s also a place where people can come together and learn from each other, as well as from the expert speakers.”

RapidClean, a cleaning supply specialist, will bring people from more than 50 stores throughout Australia to the Expo.

“It’s been a tough time for our industry and the show is an opportunity to come together, to learn and to celebrate the resilience of our people,” Lees says.

Industry vision

With the countdown now on to the Expo, industry insiders are eager to get to the networking and educational sessions.

Jonathan Weiss is the Commercial Director of B2B for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand at Reckitt, which owns the Dettol brand. He believes the Expo will tackle important government and industry issues.

“The biggest question I think we will see is what role the cleaning and hygiene industry could play in preventing another pandemic,” he says.

“This wasn’t the first time we will see something like this, and it won’t be the last. Everyone’s asking ‘what’s next?’ so I do anticipate that being a hot topic of conversation.”

One of Reckitt’s priorities is to focus on sustainability, including lowering the company’s emissions footprint. As a total group in 2021, 96% of Reckitt’s factories achieved zero waste to landfill, as well as a 66% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions versus 2015

“I anticipate there will be lots of discussion at the Expo around maintaining and enhancing cleaning and hygiene standards, with the challenge of also making business models, supply chains and products more environmentally friendly.”

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