Saturday, April 13, 2024

Funding for Central Goldfields Shire growth planning

Central Goldfields Shire has secured a grant of $150,000 from the Victorian Government which will enable the preparation of a Land Use Framework Plan for Maryborough North and East, Flagstaff and Carisbrook.

The funding under the Victoria Planning Authority’s ‘Streamlining for Growth 2021-22’ Program is part of a competitive process that has seen more than $3.2 million to assist local councils in speeding up the delivery of residential land − driving urban growth, jobs, and development.

The Framework Plan will underpin residential and employment growth in Maryborough, Carisbrook and the Flagstaff area in between, the Council said in a statement.

Central Goldfields Shire Mayor, Chris Meddows-Taylor said the Plan would help give direction to the development of land across our Shire, both now and in the future.

“In our Council Plan 2021-2025 there is a special section on Key Opportunities for Growth given the very high importance and focus Council is placing on growth. Making sure we have enough residential land for our growing population is a key part of this,” he said.

“The funding will mean we can address a range of issues such as bushfire and flood risk, a lack of land for growth in Maryborough and potential conflict between residential and industrial uses. The protection of environmental and amenity values will also be priorities.

“This work will make Central Goldfields well placed to capture the growing interest in relocating to regional areas with all that the shire has to offer.

“It is a rare instance of the Victoria Planning Authority funding strategic work in smaller rural municipalities and is an endorsement of the integrated strategic planning that Central Goldfields has undertaken in recent years and Council’s strong commitment to growth.” 

The Plan will implement key recommendations of the Population, Housing and Residential Settlement Strategy 2020, the Industrial Land Supply and Demand Assessment and Strategy 2021 and the Planning Scheme Review 2020.

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