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Freo’s Containers for Change crushes 10 million

The City of Fremantle Council’s Containers for Change refund point has hit a major milestone by cashing in its 10 millionth container.

Containers for Change allows people to claim a 10-cent refund for every eligible beverage container they hand in to the City’s refund point.

The 10 million containers received since opening in October 2020 equates to a million dollars paid out to individuals, businesses, charities, schools and sporting clubs.

Fremantle Mayor, Hannah Fitzhardinge said hitting the 10 million container mark was a great achievement for Council and the community.

“It’s amazing to think that in the short time the refund point has been open it’s already diverted 10 million containers away from landfill to be recycled,” Mayor Fitzhardinge said.

“It’s also wonderful to know that the money being raised through our refund point is not only providing collectors with some extra pocket money, it’s also supporting a wide range of charities and community groups.”

Ryan Gray works as a contractor at Leeuwin Barracks and is also an Army Reservist and volunteer director for the Veterans Transition Centre in Jarrahdale.

He uses Containers for Change to raise funds to support emergency accommodation and respite for homeless veterans and their families.

“Through Containers for Change we’ve raised about $5,000 so far this year,” Mr Gray said.

“We’re generally collecting out of the Fremantle barracks where I’m based, but we’re also engaged with a number of local businesses like 8 Knots Tavern, Trade Winds Hotel, Nautica Residences and the Norfolk Hotel who’ve jumped on board to help us out.

“Being able to provide an option for someone that’s homeless is really important, especially with the challenges not only around homelessness but also veterans issues.

“We’ve helped over 30 veterans and their families, including a family of six who had nowhere to go, and we were able to provide them with accommodation at a moment’s notice. 

“To see the relief on someone’s face when you can give them somewhere to stay so they can sort out their issues is very rewarding.”

Tjala Leysley from the Melville/Fremantle branch of the Country Women’s Association of WA said money raised through Containers for Change was used to buy an overlocker for their crafting group.

“The CWA does a lot of fundraising for the local community, and Containers for Change has gone a long way in helping us raise some money,” Ms Leysley said.

“We’ve got quite a strong crafting group and we’ve been working each year to have a stall at the George Street Festival to sell some of our work.

“We use the overlocker to make things like fiddle rugs for dementia patients and little bags to go on walkers and things like that. Some things we sell and others we donate to people who need them.

“Last year from the George Street Festival we donated $1000 to the Fremantle Street Doctor and another $1000 to a women’s shelter.”

The entry to the City of Fremantle’s Containers for Change refund point is at 83 Knutsford Street, just around the corner from the Fremantle Recycling Centre.

It’s open six days a week, including 10am–4pm on Saturday and 12–4pm on Sunday.

Council also supplies bins and a collection service to local businesses, community groups, sporting clubs and charities.

Containers for Change targets the beverage containers that most commonly end up as litter. Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for a refund.

To find out more visit the Containers for Change page.

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