Saturday, May 25, 2024

First post-COAG meeting for emergency management ministers

The first National Emergency Management Ministers’ Meeting (NEMM) was held today as part of new federation governance reforms.

After the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) was scrapped and replaced by National Cabinet, the Conran Review of COAG Councils and Ministerial Forums recommended that several councils be disbanded in favour of a more streamlined system of ministerial forums.

The Ministerial Council for Police and Emergency Management was one of those councils the review said should be scrapped. It also advised that arrangements be made for future consideration of police and emergency management matters.

National Cabinet announced the establishment of NEMM last November, handing it responsibility for driving and coordinating the recommendations of the bushfire royal commission.

The NEMM will report to the National Federation Reform Council (NFRC) – of which ALGA is a member – on progress with implementing the royal commission’s recommendations.

Today’s meeting will focus on setting terms of reference and governance arrangements and considering the priorities set by the NFRC and the royal commission’s findings.

Post courtesy of ALGA News.

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