30th National Municipal Works & Engineering Conference

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    30th National Municipal Works & Engineering Conference

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    The annual National Municipal Works and Engineering Conference brings together individuals and companies working in the municipal works sector from around Australia together in Bendigo, Victoria.

    This year’s conference features high-profile speakers, engineering and maintenance work experts, exhibitors, giveaways, and a networking event over two days. It features demonstrations and presentations of the next-generation product and service solutions and presentations from the next generation of leaders in municipal works.

    The next generation presents significant issues that will need to be addressed by local governments.

    Many cities worldwide are grappling with aging infrastructure that requires effective maintenance, repair, and modernisation investments. Climate change poses significant challenges to municipal works, including increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and heat waves. Urban mobility is undergoing significant transformations with the emergence of new mobility options, including ridesharing, electric scooters, and autonomous vehicles. And as cities increasingly rely on digital technologies for service delivery and citizen engagement, ensuring equitable access to technology and bridging the digital divide becomes crucial.

    These challenges require innovative thinking, stakeholder collaboration, and a long-term perspective to create sustainable and resilient cities.

    This year’s National Conference focuses on two aspects of the Next Generation. It features demonstrations and presentations of the next-generation product and service solutions and presentations from the next generation of leaders in municipal works.

    Next-generation thinking will be critical to ensure that cities can become more efficient, sustainable, and responsive to their residents’ needs and that local communities have the infrastructure and services they need to thrive in the future.


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