Thursday, May 30, 2024

EPA to inspect Cranbourne asbestos site today

EPA Victoria inspectors will today attend a City of Casey Council reserve following the discovery of small pieces of bonded asbestos-containing material in a mulched garden bed.

The Council reported the suspect material found at Minihans Reserve in Cranbourne on Friday.

Council restricted access to the site while further assessment was undertaken.

“The source of contamination is under investigation,” the EPA said in a statement.

“EPA officers will attend the site [today].

Meanwhile, EPA investigations have now cleared three producers of mulch used by Hobsons Bay City Council, with recent inspections confirming they have appropriate contamination controls at their sites and had no visible asbestos-containing material in mulch products when inspected by EPA.

“Sites in Hobsons Bay City Council area are still being actively assessed. Twenty-one public spaces that had recycled mulch applied over the past 18 months have now been inspected by an independent hygienist, with suspect materials sent for priority testing,” the EPA said.

“Eight sites have had potential asbestos-containing material collected for testing, with results expected Tuesday 16 April for seven sites and one later in the week.

“Six sites have tested positive for asbestos-containing material and are under active management. This includes Don McLean Reserve in Spotswood where asbestos-containing material was first identified under a tree.”

The EPA says seven sites that received mulch over the last 18 months have now been cleared of contamination.

“Sites where asbestos-containing material has been detected are being actively managed to prevent public access until the site is cleared of any visible contamination.”

“EPA has reiterated that after more than 30 inspections of parks and reserves, less than a half a shopping bag of suspect material has been found. All of it has been removed and sent for testing.

“All the materials were in bonded form and present a negligible health risk,” the Authority said.

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