Saturday, May 25, 2024

Emergency response funding for Victoria councils

Councils across Victoria are set to receive more funding to help them prepare for and respond to emergencies.

An extra $1 million in state government funding will be invested in the Municipal Emergency Resourcing Program, taking the total funding for Victoria’s 64 rural, regional and outer-metropolitan councils this financial year to $5.9 million.

The program pays for planning, communication and co-ordination work to make sure communities are well prepared and resilient.

“With their local knowledge and close connection to people on the ground, Councils play such an important role in helping communities during emergencies – and we want to continue making sure they can do the critical work of supporting their communities,” said Minister for Local Government, Shaun Leane.

“We’re providing more support to make sure that councils have the staff, resources and tools they need in times of crisis.”

The funding can be used for a variety of emergency planning work, including education for culturally and linguistically diverse communities in at-risk areas.

Grants can also be used to ensure that emergency work can be done in a COVIDSafe environment.

The minister said the global pandemic and recent storms across the Yarra Ranges and in Gippsland had highlighted the key role that local government plays in supporting communities during emergencies.

“Councils routinely use the funding to appoint an emergency management specialist, with some councils collaborating with neighbouring councils to fund a specialist position across their areas,” he said.

“Councils’ extensive local knowledge and close connection to communities makes them a vital part of Victoria’s response to emergency events.”

The Municipal Emergency Resourcing Program began in 2010 in response to the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission and provided funding for staff and programs to address the issues identified.

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