Sunday, February 25, 2024

Electric first for City of Bunbury

The City of Bunbury is electrifying efforts to reduce its carbon footprint by adding its first electric vehicle to its fleet.

The Nissan Leaf vehicle is 100% electric and has quickly become the preferred vehicle of choice as a pool car among City staff, Council said in a statement this week.

It comes as the City makes progress on preparing its Sustainability and Environment Strategy, which will include targets and actions to reduce the City’s corporate emissions to net zero and improve overall environmental sustainability in Bunbury.

As a fully electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf does not produce any tailpipe emissions and it can improve air quality and noise pollution, contributing to a safer and healthier environment for our community, Council said.

“The vehicle will also ultimately save the City money on maintenance and servicing, fuel and ongoing costs with the running cost per kilometre for a Nissan Leaf just 15 cents,” it said.

Council has also just taken possession of two electric path sweepers.

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