Friday, July 19, 2024

Cumberland mayor sounds alarm on train station parking plan

Reducing car parks at Granville train station will spell disaster and frustration for commuters and locals alike, Cumberland City Mayor Steve Christou has warned.

He says City of Parramatta’s proposed Granville Town Square will eliminate more than 70 car parking spaces on the north side of Granville station that services commuters and the hundreds of new apartments, creating traffic havoc.

The southern side of Granville train station is in Cumberland City Council area, while the north side is City of Parramatta.

“The proposed Granville Square Master Plan by City of Parramatta relies heavily on Cumberland City Council infrastructure including car parking. It will place additional pressure on Cumberland’s assets, particularly car parking,” Mayor Christou said.

“City of Parramatta have committed to investigate additional commuter parking spaces in the longer term, but that is not good enough. It falls well below community expectations and will create traffic and parking havoc in Granville.

“Drivers will be forced to circle the suburb looking for car parks, which will increase traffic congestion. We want to encourage locals to take public transport, but reducing commuter car parks will have the opposite effect.”

Mayor Christou said he was a strong supporter of Granville’s revitalisation.

“I support the vision to create a new geographic and community heart for Granville.”

“Cumberland City Council initiated that with the Granville Centre, swimming pool and open spaces. Having a complementary open plaza, residential, social and commercial opportunities on the northern side of the train tracks is a great step forward.”

The car park is at the corner of Rowell Street and Cowper Street. Cumberland City Council is preparing a formal submission on the Draft Granville Square Master Plan. More details here

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