Thursday, April 25, 2024

Cumberland mayor slams proposed infrastructure contribution policy

Sydney’s Cumberland City Council Mayor, Steve Christou has hit out at the NSW Government’s proposed changes to the collection of developer contributions and setting of infrastructure contributions policy, saying it’s vague, lacks detail and has left many councils in NSW confused about its full impact.

Mayor Christou compared the proposal to the State Governments COVID messaging, saying it intentionally lacked detail and kept councils and the community in the dark.

“The Bill is too vague and delegates authority solely to the minister and defers all future policy decisions to the Minister. This is a very dangerous precedent,” Mayor Christou said.

“We believe that it will detrimentally change the way local infrastructure is funded and delivered and will ultimately cost the community more.

“To take away such an important funding source from local councils, then proclaim councils can make up that revenue from raising rates on their residents is extremely short-sighted and a slap in the face for hard working Australians.

“If this proposal goes through, Cumberland City Council residents will be hit the hardest as our community is one of the most vulnerable and poorest in NSW.”

The Parliamentary Inquiry into the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Infrastructure Contributions) Bill 2021 heard from several councils last week.

“It’s difficult for councils to even have a position on this Bill because it has very little detail, so it’s impossible to determine how that will impact councils and the community.

“One thing we can be certain of this bill will not have a positive impact on our local community,” said Mayor Christou.

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