Thursday, February 29, 2024

Cross-border funding deal for Mungindi water security

Balonne Shire Council has reached an agreement with the NSW Government on a funding deal to secure an ongoing water supply for the residents of the cross-border town of Mungindi on the border of Queensland and NSW.

The project will provide an additional secure water supply for the cross-border town by establishing an artesian bore on the Queensland side of Mungindi, improving water quality, supply and pressure on both sides of the border, Council said in a statement.

Funding for the project totals $1.47 million, which includes a contribution of around $418,000 from Balonne Shire Council and just over $1 million in grant funding from the NSW Government.

Detailed investigation work and a business case have already been developed by a consultant hydrologist, the Council says.

“Once State Government approval is finalised, we will commence with community consultation along with detailed designs of the most suitable options before construction gets underway. It is anticipated that final commissioning will conclude by July 2024,” said Mayor, Samantha O’Toole.

“Currently the township of Mungindi draws its water supply from the Moree Plains Shire Reservoir in New South Wales.

“Establishing an artesian bore in the Mungindi Queensland locale, supports our commitment to develop sustainable, secure and healthy water resources for our communities.

“This project will improve water security and supply, which will benefit Mungindi on both sides of the border, eliminating the risk of water shortages that are critical for population retention, as well as agricultural and tourism development.

“We will continue to keep the local community informed as the project progresses,” she said.

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