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Council works to ensure safe Ramadan event

Sydney’s biggest multicultural event, Ramadan Nights Lakemba, will welcome more than a million visitors this year, with Canterbury Bankstown City Council staff to work with Police to ensure traffic rules and strict hygiene standards are met.

In a Council operation like never seen before, Environmental Health Officers, Parking Officers, Waste Crew and Events Staff will be out in full force to keep the event safe and enjoyable for the community, the Council said in a statement.

Last year, the month-long event attracted around 1.4 million visitors. Council parking Officers issued 3,060 infringement notices for offences including disobeying no stopping signs, double parking, parking across driveways and stopping on footpaths or nature strips.

Council Officers also issued infringement notices to businesses operating without permission, improper food handling and dangerous cooking practices.

Canterbury-Bankstown Mayor, Bilal El-Hayek said Ramadan Nights was a special celebration for the community and Council would not compromise the safety of those attending.

“Most attending do the right thing, but we can’t tolerate any business that brazenly wants to cut corners,” Mayor El-Hayek said.

“We saw examples of people barbequing at a petrol station next to fuel bowsers and others barbequing and spreading smoke which impacted on a busy road.

“Let’s all play our part to ensure Ramadan Nights is a safe and fun event.”

The Mayor said Council takes all measures to ensure Ramadan Nights is safe and friendly and all food vendors undertake Council-run Safe Food Handling Workshops prior to the event.

Environmental Health Officers will undertake nightly inspections of food stalls and businesses, while Parking Officers will be patrolling surrounding streets.

Council Investigators will also be on-hand to tackle any illegal trading, pollution incidents and dumped rubbish, while waste crews will keep the event clean.

Last year, Council’s Waste Officers removed approximately three truckloads of rubbish each night, totalling 307 tonnes of rubbish across the month-long event.

Council is also offering a free shuttle bus service, brought to you by Western Union, to provide safe and accessible transport to and from the event.

For more information about Ramadan Nights Lakemba, visit

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