Sunday, June 23, 2024

City of Kingston champions female leadership

Following the election of its first female Mayor and Deputy Mayor team, the City of Kingston Council says it is continuing to champion women and girls in leadership.

The Council says the importance of representation and role models was a key aspect of a recent get together between Mayor, Jenna Davey-Burns, Deputy Mayor, Tracey Davies, Junior Mayor, Alexandra Shewan and Deputy Junior Mayor, Vanessa Comarmond.

It was also an opportunity for Councillors Davey-Burns and Davies to pass on the whole of Council’s thanks to Alexandra and Vanessa for their hard work and that of the entire Junior Council over the past year.

A new Junior Council is set to be elected today. The youngsters represent the community at key events and functions including citizenship ceremonies and official openings.

Mayor Davey-Burns said representation matters now more than ever.

“The horrendous scourge of gender-based violence and the health challenges being faced by women, people who identify as women, and girls across the globe are just two of the many issues that need strong, passionate and informed leadership,” she said.

“Girls and young women deserve to have strong role models and opportunities to take up leadership roles in their schools, clubs, workplaces, local councils and at the other levels of government.

“Alexandra and Vanessa are great leaders, even at their young ages, and we are just so proud of what has been achieved through the over 60 years of our Junior Mayor Program.”

Both Alexandra and Vanessa said being involved in the Junior Council had really boosted their confidence.

“The roles have really changed our lives and taught us so much and we both want to inspire others,” they said.

Councillor Davies said women have been historically underrepresented in political leadership, but change was happening.

“You can’t be what you can’t see. So, I hope we’re positive role models to women and girls of all ages, cultures, and abilities,” Cr Davies said.

The Council is partnering with the Municipal Association of Victoria to deliver a program of
candidate information sessions, including one solely focussed on women, ahead of the next local elections.

“Women deserve to be at the decision making table. Despite the many barriers faced, together, we can drive equity for all women,” Mayor Davey-Burns said.

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