Thursday, June 20, 2024

Central Coast slams brakes on illegal bike tracks

NSW’s Central Coast Council is cracking down on unauthorised mountain bike and BMX tracks and ramps, after saying it has seen a spike in the illegal structures.

“With every report, our staff investigate and assess the risk to the public and the impacts to the surrounding environment, threatened species and any heritage values before determining the next steps,” Council said in a statement.

“We are tasked with managing over 6000 hectares of natural reserves and we prioritise our management efforts where there is greatest need. Where possible, we actively seek to protect and preserve sensitive parts of our environment and enhance biodiversity.”

It said mountain bike riding was currently permitted on designated fire and management trails in some natural reserves, however a number of unauthorised tracks have also been constructed that have the potential to have a negative impact on the environment, and at times aboriginal heritage sites.

One of the illegal bike tracks reported to Central Coast Council staff.

“Unauthorised builds that cause harm to the environment, threatened species or are a risk to the public will be removed and the land remediated in order of priority. Our Rangers will also be patrolling our reserves to monitor areas of concern and encourage the community to ride in a safe manner.”

“We are committed to actively working with the mountain bike community to try and support this growing sport on the Central Coast in a sustainable and positive way.”

Council’s Mountain Bike Feasibility Study is due to go back to Council for adoption toward the end of 2021.

Find out where your nearest skatepark or BMX track is located on the Central Coast.

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