Thursday, April 25, 2024

Canada Bay planting program grows

City of Canada Bay Council is continuing to invest in local tree canopy growth this year, with a new street tree planting program commencing next month.

As part of the NSW Government’s Greening Our City Grant, Council is planning to plant approximately 455 trees in 2024. An additional 400 trees will also be planted through other tree planting projects throughout the year.

The plantings are all part of Council’s goal of increasing urban canopy cover to 25% by 2040.  

“I am delighted our area is getting a new breath of life through our tree planting program,” said Mayor, Michael Megna.

“These new tree plantings are a positive step forward in our commitment to increase our tree canopy cover. Urban canopies play an increasingly significant role in ensuring our City can adapt to climate change and remain resilient into the future.”

Urban canopies not only help keep streets cooler, but new trees also remove carbon, produce more oxygen, provide habitat, and filter stormwater and air pollution as well.

Since the Urban Tree Canopy Strategy was adopted in late 2019, the City of Canada Bay has planted more than 5,000 trees. It has also given away approximately 2,000 trees and 8,000 shrubs and grasses to residents to encourage planting on private land.

The first round of autumn and winter planting projects will focus on parks and streets in Drummoyne, Concord, Concord West and Rhodes.

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