Sunday, June 23, 2024

Camden Council drives school road safety plan

Road safety around local primary schools is set to improve with Camden Council installing yellow bollard signage to assist in identifying No Parking – Pickup/Drop-off zones.

The signs are designed to better indicate the beginning and end of No Parking – Pickup/Drop-off zones, as well as provide information around road rules when using the zones.

Currans Hill Public School is one of many local schools who will have the yellow bollard signage installed.

“The highly visible bollards will ensure that parents don’t stop half way along, resulting in new cars entering the zone having to either go around these vehicles to park or to wait in the no parking area for a space to become available,” said school principal, Sandra Wilson.

“The school has worked closely with Council over the last few years to firstly educate students and parents about road safety as part of our Kindergarten orientation program and secondly during COVID to have the Kiss and Ride zone extended to ensure our afternoon dismissal ran smoothly.

“Currans Hill Public School looks forward to working with Macarthur Highway Patrol Inspector Greg Donaldson and Council to continue to promote ride to school safely initiatives.”

Mayor of Camden, Theresa Fedeli, said the yellow bollards were a great way to increase road safety awareness around schools.

“Schools get very busy around pick up and drop off time and with so many kids out and about at these times it is important to keep them as safe as possible,” Mayor Fedeli said.

“The yellow bollard signage is a way to alert drivers not to only follow school drop off and pick up time limits, but also follow all other road rules and remain safe.

“This includes not parking across or in driveways, being patient and considerate to other parents, children, teachers and complying with all bus zone and No Stopping restrictions.

“We can all help make your school drop off and pick up an easy operation if we follow the rules and I thank our local schools and the police for their assistance.”

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