Thursday, February 29, 2024

Call to boost support for First Nations councils

Councils from across Queensland have voted resoundingly to call on the State Government to increase financial support to First Nations councils and their communities.

A resolution calling for an immediate 20% increase in State Government Financial Aid (SGFA) to First Nations councils was passed at the Local Government Association of Queensland’s 126th Annual Conference in Cairns today.

LGAQ President and Sunshine Coast Council Mayor, Mark Jamieson said SGFA funding ensured First Nations councils could support local jobs and provide infrastructure and services to their communities.

“First Nations councils are hamstrung in their ability to raise revenue through the rating of properties so they rely on SGFA funding to help them meet rising costs,” Mayor Jamieson said

“However, this funding is failing to keep pace with the actual cost of service delivery.”

The Queensland Government is currently reviewing the SGFA. 

“Councils ask that this program’s funding is boosted while we await the outcome of the State’s review.”

“A 20 per cent increase in funding would equate to less than $8 million. It’s not a lot of money but it would go a long way to helping First Nations councils deliver the jobs, services and infrastructure their local communities not only need but deserve,” said Mayor Jamieson.

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