Thursday, July 25, 2024

Cairns council serves up $2.9m tennis upgrade

Cairns Regional Council has completed a $2.9 million upgrade of Lions Park at Earlville.

The works included the construction of four new synthetic grass tennis courts, lighting to allow for night use, and a 34-bay carpark.

Mayor, Terry James said that the merger was a good outcome for both clubs.

“As a result of the upgrades, the Henley Street Tennis Club has a total of eight tennis courts available,” he said.

“As well as providing members with improved facilities, with eight courts now available it means for more opportunities for the club to host more and higher-level tournaments.”

Councillor, Cathy Zeiger, whose division included the Woree Tennis Club, said that while relocating the club had been challenging, the result was a “grand slam” for local tennis players.

“While the journey has been a challenge, especially for Woree Tennis Club, the officers have handled it incredibly well,” she said.

“They worked diligently with both the Woree and Earlville Tennis Clubs, as well as Tennis Queensland, to achieve this outcome.

“It is great to see both clubs have decided to reform as a new club, with members of both clubs on the board of the new club.

“Using a tennis term, this is a grand slam for local players with the merger of the clubs meaning enhanced facilities and greater competition due to the new international-sized court.”

In November, Council endorsed a 10-year lease agreement with the Henley Street Tennis Club.

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