Sunday, February 25, 2024

Cabonne wins local roads funding


Cabonne Council is set to receive $4.2 million from the NSW Government’s Regional and Local Road Repair Program.

The program was launched in January with the State Government pledging $500 million to support councils to undertake priority maintenance works and immediate repair to road networks, which have been significantly impacted by severe flooding, storm damage and persistent wet weather events during 2022.

The successful funding was based on kilometres of road network managed, with Cabonne Council currently managing a local road network of over 2100km and a regional road network of over 180km.

Mayor, Kevin Beatty welcomed the successful funding announcement, noting that many of Cabonne roads have been badly beaten.

“All works completed under this fund will help to provide much needed support to regional communities and regional motorists to move around the network within the Cabonne LGA, especially after the natural disasters that have ravaged our network,” Mayor Beatty said.

“Cabonne’s roads are integral to our local community, but also to freight and tourism within the region. After the past 12 months with multiple flooding events throughout the year, much of our 2,200km network of roads are in a bad state.”

The works must be completed and open to traffic before 29 February 2024.

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