Thursday, April 25, 2024

Cabonne Council works to repair collapsed embankment

An embankment section of Four Mile Creek Road in the NSW Cabonne Shire which progressively collapsed during late 2022 as a result of prolonged and heavy rainfall is now under repair.

Cabonne Council says an inspection of the culvert was undertaken in October last year and revealed separation of pipe sections and collapse of material from above into the culvert.

A Geotechnical review found that with the culvert separating and becoming blocked, stormwater entering the inlet was not able to flow through the pipe and instead flowed into the fill surrounding the pipe and ultimately resulted in the significant landslip last November.

As a result of the landslip, the section of Four Mile Creek Road has been closed with a temporary side access road being installed to ensure the safety of road users.

Council sought funding from the Disaster Recovery – Essential Public Asset Restoration Work Fund and Transport for NSW to assist in the costs to repair the section of road.

Site establishment commenced last week, with the construction tender being awarded to Keeden Contracting Pty Ltd at the July Ordinary Council meeting.

The overall works program will take around 10 weeks to repair and rehabilitate the roadway and decommission the temporary side access road. 

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