Friday, July 19, 2024

Burnside adopts blueprint for healthy community

City of Burnside Council has committed to providing recreational and sporting facilities and programs that support and encourage an active, healthy community, with the adoption of a strategic community plan last week.

“Council acknowledges that participation in community sport and recreation activities is fundamental to our residents’ social wellbeing, and not only provides enjoyment but produces health, physical, mental, social and economic benefits for our community,” the Council said in a statement.

The Burnside 2030 Strategic Community Plan outlines several key visions for recreation and sport across the City:

• Facilities, services and programs that meet our community’s needs;

• Resilience, wellbeing and recreation;

• Flexible, fit-for-purpose facilities and places.

It said the Recreation and Sport Strategy 2022-2026 provides a blueprint for Council’s contribution to the community’s future recreation and sport pursuits.

“It ensures that the City of Burnside can meet the minimum needs of our growing community in a socially, environmentally and financially sustainable and responsible manner.”

As guided by community feedback, the Strategy is organised into three key goals including partnerships, facilities and participation, the Council said.

From this, a total of 10 strategic priorities have been created that will be used to inform a future Action Plan, outlining key projects and programs to be delivered over the term of Council.

The Action Plan will shape future funding opportunities that will be delivered through Council’s Annual Business Plan and Budget process, it said.

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