Thursday, April 25, 2024

Broken Hill targets dog attacks

Broken Hill Council has recorded eight dog attacks in the past six weeks.

The attacks have resulted in two dogs being euthanased and the remainder being declared dangerous or menacing, which requires the owner to take numerous precautionary steps to retain ownership of their animal.

Council’s Acting Manager City Development, Planning and Compliance, Anne Andrews, said Council would maintain a focus on removing stray and dangerous dogs from the streets.

“We know locals are frustrated with roaming dogs and our Rangers are doing all they can, but it’s ultimately the responsibility of owners to keep their animals safe and secure in their yard,” said Ms Andrews.

“Our Rangers have picked up around 50 wandering dogs since the start of December and managed to re-home the vast majority of them.”

Ms Andrews said Rangers were frustrated at the number of dogs roaming the streets, and also with people who withhold information regarding dog attacks.

“We have had a couple of incidents where a dog has attacked a person or animal and people know who these dogs belong to, but won’t inform us or the police,” she said.

“We can’t act if we are not given the information. What worries us is that next time it may lead to the death of a person or animal.”

Ms Andrews said locals who let their dog wander would be fined, with severe penalties imposed on owners of dogs involved in an attack.

“This is an issue that is of great concern to locals so we are taking action,” she said.

“If our Rangers catch a dog wandering the streets, if it’s unregistered or not microchipped, or if it is being walked off-leash outside of designated off-leash areas, a fine will be issued.

“Locals are also reminded that the NSW Government doubled the fines for dog attacks in late 2018, and owners will be issued a $1320 fine and may face criminal charges if a dog is involved in an attack.

“It’s simply not worth letting your dog wander the streets, please ensure your yard is secure and your animals are safe at home.”

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