Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Brisbane flood warning sign program expanded

Brisbane City Council is expanding its flood warning sign program, with the new automated signs to be rolled out to 12 new locations across the city.

Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner said the new signs will be installed before the end of the year to help reduce the risk of motorists entering flooded roads.

“We’ve all heard the warning, if it’s flooded, forget it,” Lord Mayor Schrinner said.

“Unfortunately, some motorists continue trying to cross flooded roads while others enter unaware that a road is flooded.

“These new signs will significantly enhance our efforts to prevent motorists entering flooded roads.”

The automated warning signs switch on automatically when an alarm gauge detects a creek or water waterway reaches a certain level.

Council is alerted whenever a sign is triggered, and a camera allows the area to be monitored remotely, Lord Mayor Schrinner said.

“Our $500,000 investment to install more of these signs can save lives,” he said.

The ‘Road Closed Due to Flooding’ message will be LED-backed, ensuring it is highly visible to motorists at night.

The 12 new signs follow the installation of three signs at Gap Creek Road, Kenmore Hills, Bowen Parade, Bardon and Lucy Street, Moorooka since the devastating February floods.

Council officers selected sign locations based on their history of flooding and motorists attempted to cross flooded roads. Officers also considered each location’s distance from where Council field staff are based.

“Our expert flood and traffic engineers have told us which roads frequently flood and which locations have a history of motorists attempting to cross flooded waterways. This is where those signs will go,” Lord Mayor Schrinner said.

“The installation of automated flood warning signs is part of an ongoing program and work will now continue on where signs should be installed next.”


  • Lancing Street, Pullenvale (Pullen Creek)
  • Bowhill Road, Durack (Hanleys Creek)
  • Paradise Road, Willawong / Larapinta (Oxley Creek)
  • Kholo Bridge, Kholo (Brisbane River)
  • Rafting Ground Road, Brookfield (Moggill Creek)
  • Victoria Street, Newmarket (Enoggera Creek)
  • Sherwood Road, Rocklea (Oxley Creek)
  • Formosa Road, Belmont
  • Grandview Road, Pullenvale (Pullen Creek)
  • Gap Creek Road, Kenmore Hills (Gap Creek)
  • Bracken Ridge Road, Bracken Ridge (Bald Hills Creek)
  • Wynnum Road, Tingalpa (Bulimba Creek).

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