Thursday, April 25, 2024

Brisbane floats new flood resilient ferry terminal

Brisbane City Council has reopened the city’s Dockside ferry terminal following a significant upgrade.

The Council says the new terminal is more flood resilient and has been designed to cater for future growth with dual berths for both CityCat and KittyCat vessels.

The terminal – which services more than 5,000 commuters a month – is also more accessible with features including ramps and wider entrances to accommodate travelers with varied mobility needs.

“Our Council team continues to invest and improve Brisbane’s much-loved ferry network because it plays such an important role in keeping our city moving,” said Council Chair for Transport, Ryan Murphy.

“Brisbane’s ferry network is not just a popular mode of public transport but also a fantastic tourism offering that helps visitors see more of our amazing city.

“By making the new Dockside terminal more flood resilient and accessible it will help increase the number of residents and visitors who can use our river to get where they need to go.”

Regular services, including free CityHopper services recommenced yesterday, linking passengers to inner-City terminals including Sydney Street, Holman Street, Riverside, Maritime Museum, South Bank, and North Quay.

Work is now set to commence at Mowbray Park terminal, which services over 15,000 patrons a month.

The terminal upgrade will include enabling double berthing, creating greater accessibility for travelers with mobility requirements and providing an upgraded look and feel to the popular terminal.

The terminal will close from April 8 with works expected to be complete by late 2024.

During the Mowbray Park closure, Dockside will operate CityHopper services, with Council adding capacity to bus services on adjoining routes during peak times, giving commuters more travel options to get home sooner and safer.

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