Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Blackhawk flies in for WA bushfire training

WA’s Shire of Augusta Margaret River Council has welcomed a Blackhawk Helitak chopper to the shire, with the impressive aircraft to be deployed as part of a bushfire training exercise this weekend.

The Helitak helicopter is used to support WA firefighters in their efforts to save lives and homes during bushfires, by dropping water onto fires. They’re also used to support operations by transporting personnel, food, water and fuel to isolated communities during significant natural disasters, such as flooding.

“The chopper will be used by the Shire and Department of Fire Emergency Services (DFES) as part of an exercise which is aimed at providing local volunteers with invaluable Ground Controller training,” Council said in a statement.

“Ground Controllers play a vital role in bushfire incidents by supporting the Incident Controllers, who manage the response to an entire incident. The role of Ground Controllers includes giving instructions to pilots to ensure aerial efforts are coordinated with ground crews. 

“As part of this exercise one of the State’s Blackhawk Helitaks will be in the shire conducting some live training drops. As such they will be flying quite low and pulling water from an approved source.”

The training is expected to take place on Saturday between 09.30 and 12.30, south of Margaret River around the Margaret River Independent School, Devil’s Lair Winery and Witchcliffe.

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