Saturday, May 25, 2024

Bega Valley bogged down by vandalism

A wave of senseless vandalism at some of Bega Valley Shire Council’s public toilet blocks is being investigated by local police.

In the past month, toilet blocks at three locations in Eden and one in Mogareeka and Bermagui have been vandalised and forced to closed while repairs are undertaken.

Bega Valley Shire Mayor, Russell Fitzpatrick said the recent spate of vandalism results was an unnecessary drain on public funds.

“We’ve had enough damage to shire infrastructure through natural disasters and we certainly cannot afford to add intentional damage to our list of expenses,” Mayor Fitzpatrick said.

“Whoever is doing this, whether one person or a group, should understand that money spent to repair needless vandalism comes from our general fund.”

This means diverting money away from public projects to spend on unnecessary repairs, the Mayor said.

“Of equal concern is the impact this has on vulnerable people in the community. Aged residents in particular rely on toilet blocks being open and having them unexpectedly close can cause distress,” he said.

“Perhaps the people who continue to vandalise our public toilet blocks will reconsider their actions if they see vandalism as potentially impacting a grandparent or family member.

“Last month, the Bermagui Apex Park toilets were damaged and the Mogareeka boat ramp toilet block was smashed beyond repair. This was followed by damage to the Eden Scout Hall toilets last week, and over the weekend the Aslings Beach and Barclay Sports Pavilion toilet blocks were also vandalised. This is unacceptable.”

The Mayor said the incidents had been reported to Police who are currently investigating and calling for information.

The toilets at Mogareeka opened again this week following a full interior replacement, while the damaged toilet blocks in Eden are currently closed and awaiting repairs.

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