Thursday, May 30, 2024

Audit to spot check council disclosures

A team of investigators will review disclosures of interests submitted by NSW Councillors and Council staff to ensure transparency and increase public confidence in the local government sector, the Minister for Local Government has announced.

Minister Wendy Tuckerman said investigators from the Office of Local Government would be conducting spot checks of written returns of interests which are required to be completed at all councils across the State.

“Councillors and council staff, including general managers and administrators, are required to declare their interests, including any property they own or interests they have in companies, and whether they are a property developer or associate of a property developer,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

“Checks will be conducted randomly after 30 September so councillors and council staff have more than two months to ensure all the information they’ve provided in their return is accurate and complete.”

Mrs Tuckerman said it was important members of the public had confidence in their councils and their organisational integrity which this random audit will bolster.

“Our 128 local councils manage $178 billion in assets and spend more than $12 billion each year on providing infrastructure, facilities and services to local communities across the State,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

“It’s a huge responsibility and residents should be able to trust the people they’ve elected to council, along with council staff, are being honest and transparent about any interests they may have.”

More information about disclosure requirements can be found here.

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