Sunday, June 23, 2024

Artistic swim team make a splash in Townsville

City of Townsville Council is helping Artistic Swimming Australia’s Team Australia Squad make a splash, with a $5,000 grant to support the team’s Townsville training camp.

The squad trained at Tobruk Memorial Baths on The Strand and also had the opportunity to swim at the Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) during its visit.

Councillor, Ann-Maree Greaney said Council was proud to show its support for Australia’s Olympic teams.

“Having Artistic Swimming Australia name their Team Australia Squad right here in Townsville is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our city,” Cr Greaney said.

“Tobruk Pool, as we all know, is the grand dame of our Townsville swimming pools, and we can see that the return on investment of upgrading the facility has been amazing because we have the likes of these amazing teams coming to our city to hone their skills.

“My fellow councillor and Olympian, Suzy Batkovic, has always said that if you can see it, you can be it, and I think that having the team training at Tobruk is a great opportunity for younger people to see these teams train here in Townsville. They can see it, it could pique their interest, and a future Olympian could be on the cards.”

The team also toured Townsville’s Museum of Underwater Art and performed their Paris routines on the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

Artistic Swimming Australia’s Team Australia Squad athlete, Carolyn Buckle said the trip to the museum was “really amazing”.

“I’ve gone scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef before but haven’t seen the museum before. I loved seeing all the coral, it’s so bright and colourful, it’s so special to be able to go out on the reef and immerse yourself in nature,” she said.

“Townsville is a really welcoming place. Looking to Brisbane 2032, it’s really close to Townsville, so hopefully some kids that watch us will be in the Brisbane team.”

Museum of Underwater Art board member, Christian Bartens said it was great to take the Olympic team out on the Great Barrier Reef on Friday.

“Many people don’t understand how central Townsville is to the Great Barrier Reef. Townsville is the hub for marine science and the Great Barrier Reef, and I think it’s only deserving that we have an artistic flair to that, which is where MOUA comes in,” Mr Bartens said.

“The athletes performed their Paris Olympics routine in front of our underwater art, and we captured some stunning video and photography, all in support of our Small Changes campaign.

“We want to raise awareness of the Great Barrier Reef and the challenges it faces, and that it’s also very resilient and is worth protecting. Small Changes is all about making small changes in our everyday life like switching off the aircon an hour earlier to help fight climate change.”

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