Friday, June 21, 2024

All aboard Sunshine Coast bus stop upgrades

Sunshine Coast Council has reached a major milestone in the provision of 719 bus stops across the region which now meet disability access requirements.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said the important work benefited everyone in the community including people living with a disability, carers, parents with prams and senior residents.

“While the State Government through TransLink is responsible for providing and operating public transport, all councils have a role and responsibility in providing accessible bus stops,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“Our council, in partnership with the Queensland Government, is completing its Bus Stop Accessibility Upgrade Program 18 months ahead of the Federal Government’s target completion date of December 2022.”

The bus stop upgrades started in 2007 as part of meeting the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and the Commonwealth Government’s Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 which were developed to make public transport accessible for everyone in our communities.

“Thanks to council’s Transport Levy, introduced in 2014, council has contributed more than $3.9 million from the Levy funds towards this initiative, in addition to the $3.8 million from general funds,” said Mayor Jamieson.

“As a healthy, smart and creative region, it is incumbent on us to ensure our public facilities are safe and accessible to all.”

As part of the program, existing bus stops were upgraded and new bus stops were installed to achieve DDA compliance.

Member for Caloundra Jason Hunt said the Queensland Government has contributed more than $4.2 million to Sunshine Coast Council to upgrade existing facilities.

“Accessing essential public transport services so you can maintain independence and participate in society is a basic human right,” Mr Hunt said.

“Upgrading bus stops to be more accessible is one of the simplest ways to remove some of the barriers that people with disability or mobility issues find challenging when using public transport.

“The Queensland Government is committed to creating a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone, and Sunshine Coast Council plays an important role too through upgrade programs like these.”

“I congratulate Mayor Jamieson and Council for pushing this program forward and improving the quality and accessibility of bus stops right across the Sunshine Coast.”

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