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$90k boost to combat illegal dumping in Logan

The ongoing battle to combat and deter those who illegally dump waste in the City of Logan
has received a financial boost, the Council announced today.

Council’s innovative Illegal Dumping Taskforce has received a $90,000 boost as part of Round 2 of the Queensland Government’s Local Government Illegal Dumping Partnerships Program.

To date, Council has received $354,804 from the program. The additional funding will allow Council to employ more compliance officers to help identify illegal dumping and take swift action against it.

Since it was established in mid-2022, Council says the Taskforce has successfully boosted public awareness of illegal dumping and implemented a range of new enforcement measures, including targeted ‘blitz’ operations to intercept offenders.

The Taskforce has also made innovative use of Council’s extensive safety camera network to detect those responsible for illegal dumping.

The Taskforce is part of Council’s Illegal Dumping and Litter Enforcement Strategy 2022-2025, which seeks to boost partnerships between key agencies and industries and discourage illegal dumping behaviours before they begin.

Last year, as a result of Taskforce actions, 45 per cent of illegally dumped waste was removed by the offenders at no cost to Council. The clean-up bill for the waste would have otherwise amounted to more than $579,000.

Council also issued more than $516,000 in fines to offenders caught illegally dumping waste.

A Taskforce-led education and awareness campaign called Our City Our Home also contributed to a 112% increase in reports on illegal dumping, Council says.

The campaign encouraged residents who take pride in their city to report offenders so rapid action could be taken.

Mayor, Jon Raven said the financial support from the Queensland Government was testimony to the excellent work being done for the local community by Logan’s Illegal Dumping Taskforce.

“The Queensland Government is backing our illegal dumping crusade because they can see our efforts are stopping offenders in their tracks,” Mayor Raven said.

“We love our city and none of us want to see it polluted by the actions of a lazy few.

“But it is unfair for our ratepayers to be continually forking out for the removal of other people’s rubbish.

“Since we initiated the Illegal Dumping Taskforce, the team have made a big impact on this issue but there is still more work to be done.

“This extra support will ensure our Taskforce continues to catch a broader range of dumping offenders and hold them accountable,” the Mayor said.

Illegal dumping can be reported at or by calling
3412 3412.

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