Thursday, April 25, 2024

3D-printed seawall the catch of the day at Drummoyne

Sydney’s City of Canada Bay Council has completed a cutting edge seawall project in Drummoyne.

3D-printed tiles have been attached to the seawall to create a unique environment for local fish populations and provide moisture, shade and water retention critical for the survival of other marine life, including filter feeding species like mussels and oysters.

“I am thrilled to share news about our $125,000 seawall project near Drummoyne Wharf,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.

“Using a specified tile pattern, we installed an integrated intertidal habitat aimed at improving the area for fostering marine life,” he said.

“The tiles, printed by Reef Design Lab, are retro-fitted to seawalls and increase the size of reefs.”

The tiles are designed to mimic microhabitat features commonly found on natural shorelines.

“Thanks to this project, the area’s marine biodiversity has improved and visitors to the area can enjoy beautiful reef tiles along the seawall,” Mayor Tsirekas said.

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