Thursday, June 20, 2024

Yarra unveils climate action big 5

Yarra City Council has announced it will explore ‘5 Big Ways to Take Climate Action’ – a project supporting locals to take climate action and push for urgent change in the ways they live, work and play.

Since endorsing its first Climate Emergency Plan in 2020 and being one of the first councils to declare a climate emergency, Yarra City Council says it has made significant efforts to support local residents and businesses to take climate action – from funding community-led climate action projects through its annual grants program to running events and webinars on renewable energy.

“We know the Yarra community is concerned about living in an escalating climate crisis, driven by burning fossil fuels, land clearing, and excessive waste” said Yarra Mayor, Edward Crossland.

Yarra Mayor, Edward Crossland.

“Whether you’re just starting out on your climate action journey or you’re looking to expand and strengthen your efforts – we’re here to support you with the information and tools you need to combat climate change and its impacts.”

He said 5 Big Ways focuses on some of the most impactful and practical actions that the Yarra community can take.

The project will explore a different theme each month from February to June, beginning with an exploration of the emotional impacts of the climate crisis and dealing with climate grief.

Council will host a free event in partnership with Melbourne Playback Theatre and clinical psychologist, Dr Jarrod White, exploring the importance of connection and care at a time of climate crisis – presented as part of this year’s Sustainable Living Festival.

The following months will cover four more important ways to take climate action, including:

  • making sustainable food choices;
  • switching to renewable energy;
  • ethical investing and divesting;
  • advocacy and having your say on climate and environmental issues.

Each monthly theme will include tips and information on taking individual and collective action and advocating for broader, systemic change.

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