Thursday, May 30, 2024

Yarra City hosts inaugural small business expo

More than 40 small businesses have taken part in Yarra Ranges Council’s first Small Business Expo this week.

It was the first year the event has been held by Council, with the expo focusing on facilitating networking opportunities for local small business operators, as well as showcasing local products and services to the community.

“This event was really exciting and great to meet new people and businesses and see the community in one room. There was no competition, it was all collaboration,” said Mayor, Jim Child.

Kapi Art Space Managing director, Heather Bradbury said it was a great event and opened the door to connecting with other business.

“We have a business not far from SkyHigh so it’s really great to have an event like this where we can connect with people across the hills and swap our business information and what we offer.”

“Because we offer trauma support through painting classes and workshops, I’ve made some connections with other businesses and people today where we can cross pollinate and better help people in the local area.”

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